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NOTICE-Welcome to Siddhartha Global Senior Secondary School Malihabad -Branch. CBSE.Affliation No-2133939 Admission is open for (2024-2025)

Our School

Siddhartha global school is started with a vision for establishing a modern education system which emphasizes free thought, creativity, the freedom to choose what to study based on a person’s talent and ability. the use of information technology and the skill to look at situations with an open mind and come up with creative solutions to solve has been established for the motto provide excellent modern scientific and reasoned education which is based on indian, ancient knowledge to students .

the inspiration for this unique thought been surfaced to summaries and correlates the recent term of knowledge to all section of society .the school provides proper and reasoned mind in their life. every student is an only unshaped article of soil who can become icon of country


  • The School is co-educational and provides education to both boys and girls.
  • Medium of instruction is English, importance is given to Hindi and Sanskrit as second languages of our nations and cultural heritage.
  • The school has the following sections:
  • Pre-Primary sections – Nursery, Lower Prep and Upper Prep
  • Primary Sections – Class I to V
  • Junior Sections – Class VI to VIII
  • Courses to Study: General education in all the subjects is provided to all classes.
  • Co-Curricular Activities: Include Debates (Hindi & English), Elocution (Hindi & English), Music (Indian & Western), Dance (Indian & Western), Drama, Art & Craft, SUPW etc.
  • Moral Education: A course of moral instruction is given to improve a sound moral value and character formation
  • Games & Sports: The school provides play field for cricket, football, Hockey etc. Badminton, table Tennis, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Gymnastics & Athletics.
  • Physical Education: Regular fitness training is provided through P.T. as part of the curriculum.
  • Programs & Functions: Republic Day, Independence Day, Parents Day, Teachers Day etc. are celebrated with cultural programs and field activities.
  • Other Activities: Picnics, Excursion and various competitions are organized